Share the Harvest is administered by the Conservation Federation of Missouri and Missouri Department of Conservation to help feed hungry Missourians. Share the Harvest orchestrates the efforts of thousands of hunters, numerous local supporting organizations and more than 100 participating meat processors to get ground venison to people in need through food banks and food pantries around the state.

The Texas County Food Pantry will participate in the Missouri Department of Conservation’s annual Share The Harvest program with Zimmerman Meat Processing in Summersville this year. 

Donating to the program is simple: Once hunters have harvested and tagged a deer, they can take it to Zimmerman’s and indicate they want some of the meat donated to Share The Harvest. The meat is then ground up, bagged and transported to the food pantry for distribution to hungry families in the county. 

“We are excited to be participating in this great program with Zimmerman’s,” said pantry director Bennie Cook. “The amount of families in need in our area continues to rise, and this extra meat will help us meet their needs.”

Zimmerman Meat Processing is at 4534 Highway 17, west of Summersville. The phone number is 417-932-4557. 

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