This character will be surfacing at residences and businesses in Houston as part of a fundraiser for the Houston Community Foundation. On Monday, he was spotted at the offices of the Houston Herald on Grand Avenue.

Houston’s Community Foundation of the Ozarks organization has launched a Christmas campaign to draw attention to its efforts — and create a little fun.

Chances are you’ll see it in some high profile places – A life-size Grinch. Its first stop was Monday at the Houston Herald.

Here’s how it works: The Grinch will show up at homes and businesses for a day within a three-mile radius of Houston. To pass it along to the next location, the cost is $10. Paperwork, with instructions, is included with Grinch, the red and green painted hater of Christmas. Persons and businesses can fill out the form and place it with Grinch before it is picked up at 6 nightly. And if you want to find out who sent Grinch to your doorstep, the cost is $10.

The funds generated go to the betterment of Houston. The local group is hosting a free public movie and other events.

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