Intercounty will distribute $1.5 million in discounts to current members the next two months, the organization announced Thursday.

Due to extreme weather last winter and successful cost measures at Intercounty, record energy sales generated revenues allowed the co-op to distribute a discount for active members who have had service with the co-op between January and October 2014. The board of directors approved the discount to be distributed back to the current membership at an amount based on each member’s usage between the months of January and October 2014. Cycle two accounts will see the discount on their Nov. 8 bill and cycle one accounts will receive their discount on their Dec. 1 bill.

“After a review of the cooperative’s financial information, we knew the right thing to do was return the excess margins back to our members,” said Jim White, board president. “This discount truly highlights the cooperative way of doing business, and we’re thrilled to be able to share the co-op’s success with our membership.”

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