Texas County deputies are investigating several crimes in the county.

The following are excerpts of reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy was dispatched at about 11:20 p.m. Jan. 17 after a woman reported a man was beating on the door of her residence at a Northview Lane trailer park in Houston. The officer was unable to locate him.

•Two deputies were dispatched at about 11:15 p.m. Jan. 13 to an address on Jack Tar Road at Licking to assist in locating a suspect for the Arnold Police Department. An officer stated that the address provided by the Arnold PD turned out to be a vacant lot.

•A 44-year-old Elk Creek man reported on Jan. 18 that his 36-year-old former wife had forced her way into his Highway Y residence and was stealing from him.

The man stated the woman had an active charge against her for holding a gun to his head a few months ago and that he fled his home fearing she might be armed again. The man also stated she had swiped a generator and solar charging equipment with a total value of $3,100.

After an investigation, an officer sent a probable cause statement to the county prosecutor seeking a first-degree burglary charge against the woman.

•A 77-year-old Willow Springs man reported Jan. 17 that a shotgun, a pistol and other items with a total value of $1,095 had been stolen from his Curran Road residence. There are no suspects.

•Dorothy L. Hernandez, 43, of 15151 Highway AA in Bucyrus, was issued a citation for throwing soup on a female inmate during an incident Jan. 12 inside the Texas County Jail. Both women were incarcerated when the incident took place. They were also each cited for third-degree assault after fighting inside the jail.

Also cited was Megan L. Neal, 31, of 310 W. Mill St. in Houston.

•A woman called Jan. 15 to report that a neighbor woman’s dog kept coming into her yard and eating table scraps she puts out for wild animals. An officer advised the woman the neighbor would be contacted about her dog being loose.

•A Bucyrus man called Jan. 15 to report two stray dogs were destroying the heating system underneath his Piney Drive residence and that he wanted to euthanize them because they were costing him money. An officer advised the man he had the right to protect himself and his property.

•A Houston woman called at about 5:20 p.m. Jan. 15 to report she was watching a friend’s daughter and the girl was refusing to leave a friend’s house and come back to the woman’s residence in a Morton Road trailer park. When an investigating officer arrived, the girl had returned.

•A Simmons woman called at about 3 a.m. Jan. 14 to report that a man had come to her Hamilton Creek Road residence and asked to use her phone to call a friend at the hospital. The woman told an investigating officer she had told the man he could not use the phone. The officer was unable to locate the man.

•Carl H. Amburn Jr., 39, of 19632 Amburn Road in Raymondville, was arrested Jan. 14 for having an active Texas County warrant for forgery and delivery and/or possession of a prohibited substance in the county jail.

A deputy made the arrest at the state probation and parole office after being made aware that Amburn was there.

Amburn was taken to the Texas County Jail and held on $150,000 bond.

•A Plato man called Jan. 15 to report he had shot two dogs that were endangering the lives of calves on his Highway M property. The man stated he believed the dogs had belonged to a woman who lives on Upton Road.

•A deputy was dispatched Jan. 10 regarding a report of an aggressive dog at a Mineral Drive residence in Houston. A woman who lives there had reported that the dog had attacked her and one of her smaller dogs.

The officer reported that when he arrived, the dog attacked him and he used his duty weapon to put it down.

•A 96-year-old Licking man came to the TCSD office on Jan. 5 and personnel there determined he was carrying a loaded .357-caliber pistol tucked in the front waistband of his pants.

An officer took the gun from the man and asked him why he had it with him. The man reportedly said he intended to shoot another man for stealing from him.

A report of the incident was sent to the division of aging.

•A deputy responded at about 3:30 p.m. Jan. 12 to a report of a domestic dispute at a Forrest Drive residence in Houston. When the officer arrived, he found a mini-van in a ditch adjacent to the home, and observed a man holding an unresponsive woman in the back seat.

The man, 31, of Waterloo, Ill., told the officer he and the woman had been in a verbal argument and when they left the residence he had swerved to miss a dog and run off the road. The woman was taken by ambulance to the hospital with unreported injuries.

Texas County Jail admissions

Jan. 12

Jeffrey A. Mabrey – 30-day commitment

Shandi S. Stillwell – Edgar Springs PD hold

Ryan C. Dennis – Christian County hold

Jan. 13

Missie J. Collins – 14-hour commitment

William A. Cooper – DWI

Karen S. Roberts – 2-day commitment

Betty L. Vestal – 10-day commitment

Laramie Q. Harris – abuse or neglect of child

Joanne D. Harris – abuse or neglect of child

Jan. 14

Missie J. Collins – 34-hour commitment

Billie J. Springer – failure to appear, possession of controlled substance

Joshua A Routh – department of corrections hold

Jan. 15

Andrea J. Thompson – Dixon Police Department hold

Jan. 16

James W. Dickens – 10-day commitment

Mathew C. McVicker – 48-hour commitment

Jonathan L. Cover – trespassing

Jan. 17

Thomas S. Haviland – child molestation

Stephen T. Miller – leaving scene of an accident, driving without a valid license

Jan. 18

Tammy S. Frazier – theft, stealing

Amie J. Stokes – O’Fallon Police Department hold

Jan. 19

April L. Guy – house for Webster County

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