Deputies from the Texas County Sheriff's Department were called to several investigations in the last week.

The following are excerpts of reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy responded Jan. 25 to a Bean Creek Road residence at Licking after a woman requested to have the well-being of a man checked. The officer made contact with the man, and he said he was fine but just didn’t want to talk to the woman, who was soon to be his former wife.

•A representative of the Plato post office called to report that a 35-year-old Plato man had made threatening statements in a phone call, saying he was going to bring a gun to the Plato post office and kill employees there.

An investigating officer made contact with the man – a staff sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood – and he stated he was unhappy with postal deliveries and had made some comments while under the influence of anesthesia for a surgical procedure on Jan. 25.

There are no charges pending, and investigation of the matter continues.

•A Licking man reported Jan. 25 that three dogs had come onto his Highway 32 property and killed four of his chickens and that others were missing. The man told an investigating officer he had shot at the dogs, striking one in its rear leg but not killing it.

The man said the dogs got away, but he wanted to be notified if anyone reported having a dog shot so he could look into being compensated for his loss of chickens.

•An officer responded Jan. 24 to a report of neglected horses on a Hawkeye Road property east of Houston.

The officer stated that upon arrival, two horses were observed eating from a large round bale of hay and a large container of water was nearby. The horses’ owner told the officer he also feeds the horses oats.

•A 40-year-old Plato woman came to the TCSD office Jan. 23 to report that a 36-year-old Plato man had violated a protection order granted in December by making contact with her on a dating website. A report of the matter was sent to the county prosecutor.

•An officer was dispatched Jan. 19 regarding a report of theft at the Intercounty Electric shed on Factory Road at Summersville. The officer determined the location was within city limits and the matter was turned over to Summersville police.

•An officer was dispatched Jan. 19 to a location on Reed Road at Licking regarding a report of littering.

The officer found a pile of plastic pipe, but no items that could help identify a suspect.

•An officer was dispatched Jan. 23 to an Old Yukon Road residence at Raymondville after a woman reported a stray dog that might be aggressive.

Upon arrival, the officer was met by a black and tan shepherd that showed no signs of aggression. The Animal Shelter of Texas County was contacted to make arrangements for the dog to be picked up.

•A man called Jan. 21 to report he had bought a storage building from another man who had not yet delivered it to his Ware Road property. An officer advised the man the matter was civil.

•A Houston man called Jan. 21 to report stray cats at his Mineral Drive property. The man was advised to contact The Animal Shelter of Texas County.

•A woman called Jan. 21 to report that a man and woman had removed cabinets belonging to her from the VFW building at Cabool. An officer contacted the man and woman who had taken the cabinets and informed them the other woman had receipts proving ownership.

They returned the cabinets to the VFW building.

•A 77-year-old Houston man called to report that someone had drilled holes into the gas tanks of two vehicles in a shed at his Highway 17 property and stolen the gas inside them.

Damage to the tanks was estimated at $1,500. A garage door was also damaged. There are no suspects.

Texas County Jail admissions

Jan. 20

Justin D. Dake – possession of controlled substance

Heather L. Polk – possession of controlled substance

Keith A. Briggs – theft, stealing

Alex L. Harlan – DWI

Jan. 21

Karen S. Roberts – 48-hour commitment

Austin G. Jaster – house for Webster County

Jan. 22

Robert D. Lane – Jefferson County hold

Jackson C. Morgan – driving while revoked

Jan. 23

Mathew C. McVicker – 48-hour hold

Bradley C. McKee – 48-hour commitment

Jan. 24

Betty L. Vestal – 10-day commitment

Jan. 25

Eric S. Caswell – tampering

Martha R. Malam-Spence – driving while revoked  

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