A Cabool man entered a guilty plea Tuesday to discharging grease into the Big Piney River. 

The following are excerpts of reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 41-year-old Salem man reported Feb. 10 that two properties he owns on Boone Creek Road at Licking had been burglarized and numerous items with a total value of $13,750 had been stolen. Investigation of the matter continues.

•A 31-year-old Houston man called Feb. 10 to report a 59-year-old man had not returned a live trap he had loaned to him. An investigating officer spoke to both men, and the live trap was returned.

•A representative of Plato Schools reported Feb. 10 that a loose dog had displayed aggressive behavior toward a student and an employee on school grounds. An investigating officer contacted the woman who owns the dog and she was warned to keep it under control.

•A 79-year-old Houston man came to the TCSD office Feb. 11 to report two dogs causing problems near his Strawberry Road residence.

The man stated the dogs come every morning to his home and steal dog food, and he said he was concerned for the safety of his 5-year-old granddaughter. An investigating officer traveled to the Highway E trailer park where the 23-year-old man lives who owns the dogs, and one of the dogs – a white put bull – charged the officer in an aggressive manner. The officer used a baton to fend off the animal, and the man was warned to keep his dogs under control or be cited.

The officer also told the man that the aggressive nature of the pit bull put it a high risk of being killed if it wasn’t immediately controlled.

•A woman reported Feb. 1 that two men had burglarized a home on Brushy Creek Road at Houston.

After an investigation, an officer sent probable cause statements to the county prosecutor seeking second-degree burglary charges against a 45-year-old Houston man and a 21-year-old Cabool man.

•A deputy was dispatched Feb. 11 to a Watson Road residence at Solo regarding a report of property damage.

The officer made contact with two men there, and one of them (49, of Houston) stated he had parked his 2004 Ford F-250 at the other man’s parents’ home and the two had gone for a drive. The man said when they returned 45 minutes later, his truck had been broken into and badly damaged.

There are no suspects.

•A 56-year-old Summersville man reported Feb. 12 that about a dozen cattle were in the yard at his Arroll Road residence.

The man told an investigating officer the problem was recurring and he wanted it to stop. The officer reported that the 60-year-old man who owns the cows had been contacted before for the same reason, and had previously been cited and arrested over it.

A report was sent to the county prosecutor seeking felony charges against the man.

•A Willow Springs woman reported an abandoned vehicle Feb. 12 in the driveway at her Highway 137 residence. An investigating officer made contact with the man who owns the car and he said he had run out of gas and was making arrangements to move it.

•An officer was dispatched Feb. 13 to a Highway 137 residence at Willow Springs regarding a report of a possible meth lab.

The officer made contact with a woman who owns the residence and she said the place had a strong odor after her former tenants had moved out. The officer found no evidence of meth and determined the smell was likely animal urine.

Texas County Jail admissions

Feb. 14

Dustin L. Koenig – Taney County hold

Feb. 16

Timothy S. Vestal – burglary

Angela L. Gossett – burglary

Scott B. Hoylman – 48-hour hold

Jamaul W. Ballew – careless and imprudent driving

Michael H. Rankin – operating unregistered ATV

Feb. 18

Richard M. Cheney – Five-day commitment

Lori L. Hendrix – Seven-day shock

Lennie G. Gale – 14-day shock

Feb. 19

Benjiman J. Foster – stealing motor vehicle

Feb. 20

Lonnie G. Counts – 48-hour commitment

Stormy D. Morgan – 48-hour commitment

Feb. 21

Kenneth J. Manion – drug charges

Devin D. James – DWI

Feb. 22

Angela M. Howell – Laclede County hold

Matt C. McVicker – 24-hour commitment

Caleb J. Buckner – Four-day commitment

James W. Dickens – Four-day commitment 

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