Texas County deputies recently handled several investigations. 

The following are excerpts of reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy assisted an ambulance crew with a reported suicidal man at a Pea Ridge Road residence at Cabool at about 8 p.m. July 26. The man told the officer he wanted to go to the hospital and was taken there by the ambulance.

•A 41-year-old Mountain Grove woman reported July 17 that her sister had stolen several items out of her car while it was parked at her Hubbard Lane residence.

•A woman called at about 10 p.m. July 25 to report that a man with an active probation and parole arrest warrant was on his way to a residence at a Northview Lane trailer park in Houston and was going to kick in the door. The woman stated the man would be with another woman driving a white SUV.

Upon arrival, the officer observed the vehicle and made contact with the woman who drove it, but the man with the warrant wasn’t there.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 11:35 a.m. July 25 after a man reported seeing a possible runaway teen carrying a suitcase on Reed Road. The officer made contact with the girl, who turned out to be 19 years old. She stated she was going to Casey’s General Store to get water and that she was fine.

•A 63-year-old Licking woman came to the TCSD office at about 10 p.m. July 22 to report that her 37-year-old son had been drinking and using narcotics and threatening her at her Boiling Springs Road residence.

The woman told an officer she didn’t want to pursue charges, but wanted to know her options for getting him help. The officer advised her of a 96-hour hospital commitment and an ex-parte order.

•An officer responded at about 5 p.m. July 23 to a reported 911 hang-up call from a Highway W residence at Summersville. The officer reported that the residence appeared to be vacant and nobody was there.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 10:25 p.m. July 19 to assist Pulaski County deputies with a reported assault at a Wood Crest Lane residence at Plato. The officer made contact with a Pulaski County officer there who said a man had struck his girlfriend with a sex toy and split her head open.

The man and woman were separated and the deputy left the scene.

•A 37-year-old Raymondville woman came to the TCSD office July 16 to report her 33-year-old brother had punched her in the face the previous day at his Bear Claw Road residence at Yukon.

An investigating officer reported that the woman filled out a voluntary statement and was advised that contact would be made with the suspect and a citation would be issued.

The officer reported that at that point the woman grabbed the statement, threw it way and yelled, “fine, don’t help me!”

The officer then repeated that contact would be made with the man and the woman reportedly said, “just forget it.”

•A deputy was dispatched at about 3 a.m. July 9 regarding a report of assault at a Slabtown Road residence at Plato.

A 19-year-old man there told the officer a man dressed all in black had broken into the cabin and pulled him out of bed and dragged him outside. The alleged victim stated he punched the suspect, who then stumbled and ran away behind the cabin.

Texas County Jail admissions

July 21

Daniel L. Rictor – Dent County hold

Roger R. Davids – Three-day commitment

July 23

Helen H. Tarter – child abduction

Anthony P. Dickman – writ (to appear before judge)

July 24

Wesley E. Sartor III – 48-hour commitment

Cole S. Lancaster – non-support

South A. Noble – robbery, assault, armed criminal action

Christopher J. Daugherty – 48-hour commitment

Kenneth R. Tarter – child abduction

July 25

Matthew C. McVicker – 24-hour commitment

Richard E. Ziesman – non-support

July 26

Melinda L. McClain – Hartville PD hold

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