Missouri Sun Solar

A Houston-based solar power company has been honored by one of the industry’s leading print and online publications.

Missouri Sun Solar, whose owner and CEO, Caleb Arthur is a Houston native, made the Top 500 Solar Contractor list announced by Solar Power World magazine at its annual banquet, held this year in Anaheim, Calif.

The company also received the Brian D. Robertson Solar Schools Memorial Award, that recognizes contractors who have demonstrated dedication to solar philanthropy and solar energy education. Solar Power World says the award “celebrates the philanthropic spirit that exists in the solar industry but often receives little fanfare.”



The special award was a result of Missouri Sun Solar’s donation of a system to the Texas County Food Pantry.

“It’s an ongoing project,” Arthur said. “For every person who goes solar within a 60 miles radius, the food pantry receives a panel. So far, a 10-killowatt system has been installed. We are very grateful to have received the award.”

Missouri Sun Solar was also recognized as the Show-Me-State’s top residential solar contractor for the second year in a row (and ranks in the top 200 in the U.S.). Director of business development, Adam Stipanovich, represented the company at the banquet.

“The exciting thing about this recognition is that just maintaining our roots and foundation in family and Christian values by no means has limited our growth,” Stipanovich said. “This is a testament to our belief that businesses need not sacrifice their values to be major players in any industry. Hard work, loyalty, dedication and good old fashioned customer service goes a long way in our opinion, and it is our belief that it will be these things that will propel our business on the growth trajectory it is on.” 

The philanthropy award is named after entrepreneur and solar power pioneer Brian D. Robertson, who co-founded North America’s largest solar services provider (Sun Edison LLC) and served as CEO of a company specializing in the design and manufacture of utility-scale solar power systems before dying in a plane crash in December 2011 at the age of 38.

Missouri Sun Solar was one of two companies in the nation to receive the honor, out of a field of 20 nominees.

“The second recognition is something we’re very passionate about – giving back to people who need it most,” Stipanovich said. “Matthew 25:40 says, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ This verse exemplifies the values instilled within our company and provides a motivation for our giving.”

Stipanovich said more people should consider solar as a viable source of electricity.

“There has never been a better time to consider solar,” he said. “With a combination of decreasing solar prices, ever-increasing utility prices and incentives set to expire in the near future, solar has become something that everyone should be considering.”

Arthur said he intends for Missouri Sun Solar to continue its community-oriented approach.

“We strive to help our state by helping folks save money by going solar, creating jobs and putting money back into the local economy,” Arthur said. “With the help of our amazing customers, we’re able to help others through philanthropic work, like the food pantry project.”

Arthur said other solar donation projects are in the works and will soon be announced.

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