Texas County deputies recently handled several investigations. 

The following are excerpts of reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy was dispatched Jan. 31 regarding a report of theft and vandalism at a U.S. 63 residence at Cabool. A woman who owns the property showed the officer that one of her 10-foot by 10-foot dog kennels had been dismantled and that parts from it were stacked by a gate and nothing was missing.

The officer advised the woman to put up cameras since she didn’t live near the property.

•A woman reported gunfire near her Highway AA residence at Bucyrus.

She told an investigating officer that she was unnerved by the gunshots because a murder had taken place across the road in early January. The officer determined a neighbor man had obtained a new rifle and had shot twice at a target before realizing it probably wasn’t a good idea.

•A 56-year-old Plato man called Jan. 31 to report a burglary and property damage at his Roby Road residence.

The man told an investigating officer his 31-year-old former girlfriend had called him to say she was retrieving her belongings from his house. The man said when he went home he found the back door damaged and a window broken.

The man told the officer the woman said she gained entry by a key, but the man said he had changed all the locks. Photos of the damage ere taken and a probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor seeking charges against the woman.

•A 54-year-old Houston woman called Jan. 31 to report her 37-year-old boyfriend had broken her arm at his U.S. 63 residence.

An investigating officer made contact with the woman, and she stated she and the man had gotten into an argument about splitting up and that a car door had accidentally been shut on her arm and that she didn’t need help from law enforcement.

•A woman reported on Jan. 30 that she believed a prowler had put something inside a lock on a door at her Bowen Road residence at Willow Springs. An investigating officer looked at the lock and determined it hadn’t been tampered with.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 7:20 a.m. regarding a report of a child playing on a bluff at a Northview Lane trailer park at Houston. The officer was unable to locate the child.

•A deputy was dispatched Jan. 30 to a Robertson Road residence at Licking regarding a report of a burglary.

The officer made contact with a woman there who said the house belonged to her late mother and that a door had been pried open and the whole place had been ransacked.

She stated the only thing missing was an old chainsaw valued at $100. There are no suspects.

•A deputy responded Jan. 27 to a report of a burglary at a residence in a Country Aire Lane trailer park at Cabool.

The officer made contact with a 56-year-old woman there who said a 37-year-old Willow Springs man had forcefully entered her home and made violent threats to her 33-year-old son. The woman said the intruder had accused her son of stealing an amplifier from his vehicle.

The son told the officer the suspect is a former friend and the incident stemmed from his mother accusing the suspect’s girlfriend of stealing money from her car.

A report about the case was sent to the county prosecutor.

•A deputy was dispatched Jan. 25 regarding a report of property damage at a property at Highway BB and U.S. 63 at Licking. Upon arrival, the officer observed a large radio tower structure lying on the ground.

A man there told the officer he was restoring the building and someone had cut the stabilizing wires to the tower the night before, causing it to fall. The man said he had contacted the man who had formerly owned the property and he stated he wanted the tower and antennas.

The officer observed that when the tower fell, it landed on utility wires and caused a utility pole to break.

The man told the officer the equipment had been purchased with the property. He stated he didn’t want to press charges, but just wanted the case documented.

Texas County Jail admissions

Jan. 26

Lane E. Cierly – 48-hour commitment

Christopher J. Casper – assault

Brandon J. Adams – non-support

Minaya N. Bressie – 24-hour commitment

Michael P. Deardorf – leaving scene of an accident

Rodney C. Horn – St. Francois County hold

Jan. 27

Carolyn J. Cross – possession of controlled substance, endangering welfare of a child

Billy J. Goodwin – possession of controlled substance, endangering welfare of a child

Aaron R. Maxvill – burglary, theft of firearm

Jan. 28

Christopher S. Willard – writ (to appear before judge)

Jaret T. Siegler – bond surrender

Thomas J. Sullins – possession of controlled substance, assault

Brittany A. Vanderpool – possession of marijuana

Jan. 29

Monica A. Sullins – 48-hour commitment

Jan. 30

James W. Dickens – drug charges

Jan. 31

Carissa Springer – possession of controlled substance  

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