Miss Texas County 2016, Hailey Dodson, right, embraces Little Miss Southern Missouri, Myka King, following last year's Miss Texas County pageant.

Each year, Springfield/Branson-based Midwest Runway Productions (MRP) stages a large fashion show known as RunwayLOUD, but the organization is also involved with charitable activities and works to “fulfill a wish” of a selected young person.

This year, a 5-year-old Houston girl will get her wish, as the organization plans to make Myka King a Ninja warrior and a hero all on the same day in June – with the help of some folks in the TV world and some friends from her hometown. When MRP asked Myka – who has cerebral palsy that affects her left side – what her wish was, she replied, “to be a Ninja.”

Future “Ninja” Myka King is held by her sister, Tiffany Courtney.

“I want to a Ninja that saves people,” she said. “You know, a good one!”

Myka’s connection with MRP stems from being crowned “Little Miss Southern Missouri” at last year’s Miss Texas County pageant. MRP plans to team Myka up with a seven-time martial arts hall-of-famer to spend a day learning to be a Ninja, and she’ll ultimately be awarded her own Ninja uniform and certificate.

Organizers are seeking local residents to join MRP actors and actresses to be part of the “rescue” mission (which will be recorded by video crews), and to have others cheer her on as she is paraded through the streets of Houston and encourage her to “save” her sister (who will be “hidden” in a designated location).

“We will need businesses and residents to take on being good guys and bad guys,” said MRP senior director and producer Sharra Smith. “In this child’s mind, it is a big game of hide-and-seek.”

More details will be given closer to the to-be-determined event date in June. To get involved, email info.midwestrunway@gmail.com.


Myka was born at 26 weeks with her twin brother because of domestic violence. At three months of age, she was taken to the hospital due to nonstop crying.

Doctors found she had been shaken, causing brain bleeding and broken bones in her ribs, back and wrists. After a month in the hospital, she and her brother were placed in their forever home. Myka moved home from the hospital with a feeding tube, sleep apnea and oxygen machines all keeping her going.

We were told not to ever expect her to be anything but a vegetable. We put our trust in the Lord that Myka would be more than a vegetable.

At two years of age, Myka and her twin were adopted by Michael and Tina King, making the King home complete. Up until last October, Myka had struggled with being able to eat anything more than baby food. Now after two more surgeries, she has been able to eat real food.

Myka also still has a daily struggle with walking, wearing braces on both legs most of the time. Botox in her leg muscles every four months helps with the tone in them. Myka also has a seizure disorder that hits her from time to time. When it happens, we never know how long it will last or if she’ll require hospital time.

Myka is a very excited to be a part of RunwayLOUD. She tells everyone she sees all about it.

MRP is run by a team of driven professionals – its members have no titles and consider it about “family and friendship.” Each year, this team puts their daily lives aside and volunteers to put on a memorable fashion show and fulfill wishes and make dreams come true. Community, faith and the strength of heart is what MRP strives for, and its goal is that each model – young and old – knows they are beautiful, just as God has made them.

MRP’s RunwayLOUD is the most anticipated fashion show of the year in the Ozarks. The show features live mainstream music, incorporated with a “high end” fashion show, along with local and international performers who raise money for the community. And each year, MRP also focuses on fulfilling wishes of selected children. 

MRP encourages individuals, businesses and entertainers to participate in giving back to communities and organizations that have given so much. All selected models are required to log in hours of volunteer work.

During July, models, parents and volunteers sign up for community service. MRP feels teaching a strong grounding and faith in humanity is essential to a solid foundation for young adults to maintain throughout their lives.

MRP models – some with zero experience – are specifically trained to strut the runway by experienced runway instructors and retired models who know the industry and love what they do. MRP’s is to entertain and bring an exciting event that draws people together for a fantastic cause.

This year’s RunwayLOUD show is set for Aug. 20 at Juanita K. Hammons Hall in Springfield. For more information, log onto www.runwayloud.com.

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