The following are excerpts of reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy on Feb. 1 responded to a report of a semi tractor that had been burned at a property on Highway Z past Douglas Road.

The officer made contact with a 39-year-old Cabool man at the location who said he had been logging on the property and found his truck cab completely burned. Photos were taken, and the cause of the fire was undetermined.

•A Licking man reported Feb. 1 that a Husqvarna chainsaw valued at $150 had been stolen from his Robertson Drive property. The man told an investigating officer a neighbor man might be the culprit.

•A 68-year-old Licking man reported Feb. 7 that a Husqvarna chainsaw (of unreported value) and a white bucket full of 16-penny nails had been stolen from his Lotz Drive residence. An investigating officer spoke with neighbors but was unable to identify a suspect.

•Deputies responded at about 3 p.m. Feb. 5 to a 911 from a Prescott Road residence at Licking. Upon arrival, officers determined a woman had called 911 after becoming scared because she couldn’t locate her husband. The husband was found napping in a bedroom and an ambulance crew determined the woman was OK.

•A deputy responded Feb. 4 to a call from the Humane Society regarding dead cows that had been left for weeks on a Highway 17 property at Summersville. The officer made contact with a woman who lives there who stated the one and only dead animal lying by a pond on her property was a pet donkey that had been killed during deer season.

•A deputy was dispatched Feb. 3 regarding a report of a dog being shot at a Cloverdale Road residence at Cabool. A 23-year-old man who lives there showed the officer the dog, which had entrance and exit wounds in its front left leg, apparently from a small-caliber bullet.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian. There are no suspects.

•A woman called at about 1:30 p.m. Feb. 3 to report a suspicious fuel tank sitting on the back porch of an Elder Springs Road apartment. An investigating officer observed that the tank appeared to be broken and abandoned.

Texas County Jail admissions

Feb. 1

Lane E. Cierley – 48-hour commitment

Michael J. Glanden – writ (to appear before judge)

Feb. 2

Emmett R. Rector – possession of controlled substance

Andrew W. Booker – 3-day commitment

Feb. 3

Ryan C. Dennis – Christian County hold

David W. Barton – abuse or neglect of child

Feb. 4

Angela R. Andrews – Dent. County hold

Thelmer R. Davis Jr. – assault, DWI

Feb. 5

Matthew G. Berry – DWI, possession of controlled substance

Valerie J. Cooper – 8-day commitment

Richard A. Gonzales – endangering welfare of child

Kerri L. Von Holtin – Wright County hold

Feb. 6

Katherin L. Sutton – 48-hour shock

Macie D. Mitchell – driving while revoked

Heather L. Polk – Crawford County hold

Richard S. Brewer – Crawford County hold

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