Deputies from the Texas County Sheriff's Department were called to several investigations in the last week.

The following are excerpts of reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

A 66-year-old Houston woman reported on May 25 that food, movies, pots and pans had been swiped from her Highway B residence. There are no suspects.

•A 49-year-old man came to the TCSD office on May 25 and reported that a chainsaw had been stolen from the Royal Oak Charcoal plant on Sumpter Drive at Raymondville. There are no suspects.

•A deputy was dispatched May 12 regarding a report of property damage at the Lynch Township shed on Boiling Springs Road.

A township representative showed the officer where the windshield of a backhoe and tail light of a tractor had apparently been shot with a BB gun. There are no suspects.

•A Houston man reported on May 23 that his dog had been shot at his Piney Drive residence. A veterinarian who examined the dog said it had not been shot, by had likely been in a dogfight.

•A Houston woman reported on May 18 that a man had taken her car from her Mineral Drive residence. The woman opted not to pursue charges.

Texas County Jail admissions

May 23

Anthony R. Spencer – Licking PD hold

Nathan C. Young – failure to appear

May 24

Kevin D. Morris – Johnson County hold

Kent L. Garn Jr. – passing bad checks

May 25

Marilyn S. Matherly – failure to display plates

Jessica L. Sedrick – burglary

Miguel Stolsmark – failure to display plates, speeding

Lyndall M. Masterson – possession of controlled substance

Thomas J. Smith – burglary

May 26

Sean M. Rief – involuntary manslaughter

Susan L. Dixon – stealing

Steven R. Parker – no driver’s license 

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