Deputies from the Texas County Sheriff's Department were called to several investigations in the last week.

The following are excerpts of reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A deputy responded June 18 to a report that a 52-year-old Licking man who is a registered sex offender was in violation by being at the Raymondville Picnic.

The officer made contact with the man and advised him he wasn’t supposed to be within 500 feet of the park. The man left.

A probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor seeking charges against him.

•A 67-year-old Licking man reported on June 16 that a turkey had been killed at his Cadel Road property. The man told an investigating officer he suspected his neighbors, who he was in the process of evicting from a house he owns.

 •A 66-year-old Houston woman reported on June 10 that someone had broken into her Brushy Creek Road residence and stolen numerous items with a total value of $419.30. An investigating officer observed that a window screen had been cut at the likely point of entry.

There are no suspects.

Texas County Jail admissions

June 13

Robert J. Brazell – MDOC hold

Donna M. Hunter – property damage

June 14

James J. Woolsey – writ (to appear before judge)

Vernon D. Carman – writ

David J. Starr – writ

June 15

James E. Coats – burglary

Tyler G. Sims – 48-hour shock

Edward L. Bleckler – writ

Angela D. Briggs – 30-days contempt

June 16

Lindsay Hodson – 3-day commitment

Blake Busby – House for Dent County

Shannon N. Ruhl – theft, property damage, trespassing

Berry C. Byrd – possession of controlled substance

June 17

Brandi K. Masters – driving while revoked

Adam K. Haywood – drug charge

Joshua T. Rodgers – stealing motor vehicle

Jalen M. Rucker – stealing motor vehicle

June 18

Andrew W. Booker – assault

Tony E. Lane – Hancock County, Miss., hold

Dustin R. Frasier – Wright County hold

Kenton R. Yarnall – statutory rape

June 19

Jodie M. Hardwick – DWI  

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