Texas County deputies recently handled several investigations. 

The following are excerpts of reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A Cabool man called June 10 to report that two dogs were chasing his chickens.

An investigating officer spoke to the man who owns the dogs and warned him of a possible citation if the matter wasn’t resolved. The owner said he understood.

•A deputy assisted the Missouri State Highway Patrol after a motorist reported a domestic assault taking place inside a moving vehicle on Highway 17 at Slabtown Road near Roby.

The motorist had provided a license plate number, and an investigating deputy determined the vehicle was registered to a woman. The officer went to her parents’ Evening Shade residence, and the woman pulled into the driveway about five minutes later.

She denied being on Highway 17, but the deputy advised her of the motorist providing the license number of her vehicle and asked her if she needed medical attention. She said she didn’t.

•A Licking woman reported on July 9 that a week earlier, someone had broken a window to her Cooper Drive residence and opened a door on her daughter’s car. An investigating officer didn’t observe anything out of sorts.

•A 61-year-old Plato man called July 9 and stated that a deputy better come to his Highway AW residence soon before he shot somebody. An investigating officer determined the man was angry over an easement dispute with a 65-year-old woman and advised the man the matter was civil.

•A deputy assisted with a civil stand-by on July 9 as two small barns were repossessed from a Lundy Road property at Houston. The officer stated the operation took several hours due to people living in the barns. Once the peoples’ belongings were removed, the barns were taken away without incident.

•A Raymondville man called July 9 to report a man carrying a rifle walking along Highway 137. An investigating deputy made contact with the man and determined the rifle was a paintball gun.

•A Licking man called July 6 to report being harassed by a neighbor man at his Bean Creek Drive residence.

The man told an investigating officer he was digging a trench when the neighbor man came out of his home and appeared to raise a shovel handle in the air while grumbling something. The man said he told the neighbor that if he had a problem he should come to the street where the two could settle matters like real men.

The man said the neighbor responded with mumbling. The officer advised the man to ignore the neighbor and go about his business.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 3:10 p.m. July 8 regarding a report of animal abuse at a Bowen Road residence at Willow Springs.

A 40-year-old man who lives there showed the officer carcasses of several animals that had been killed by dogs, including three rabbits and a chicken. The man told the officer he had come home and seen two dogs at his animal pens and chased them away.

A rabbit cage sustained heavy damage. Investigation continues.

•A 40-year-old Cabool woman reported damage to a barbed wire fence at her Highway U residence on July 7.

The woman told an investigating officer she came home to find some of her horses out and discovered the damage. She named her neighbor as a suspect.

•A 53-year-old Plato man reported a burglary at his Turley Road property on July 7.

The man told an investigating officer that several items had been swiped with a total value of $4,900, including a John Deere riding mower valued at $2,600. There are no suspects.

Texas County Jail admissions

July 1

George R. Campbell – non-support

Jeffrey L. Wakenight – parole violation

Alex J. Collins – possession of controlled substance

Bethany M. Day – drug charges

Theresa L. Villarreal – 48-hour commitment

Steven L. Woolsey – 12-hour commitment

Amber D. Kirk – Five warrants

Scott A. Grim – theft of narcotics

July 2

Jason L. Williams – DWI

Parish L. Gale – burglary

July 3

Yonua B. Pollock – assault

Wesely K. Dailey – assault

Barry M. Smith – ex-parte violation

July 4

David A. Dajardin – theft

July 5

Paulette M. Copley – assault

Christina M. Villarreal – drug charges

Tommy W. Barton – MDOC hold

Roger C. Blanks – tampering with motor vehicle

July 6

William S. Dixson – Wright County hold

Carl E. Hutsell – 72-hour shock

Ryan C. Dennis – Christian County hold

Norma V. Rabun – theft

Rudolph P. Corpus – DWI

Steven L. Woolsey – 10-hour commitment

July 7

David A. Dujardin – burglary

Jami L. Vance – burglary

Amber K. Rodery – DWI

Kevin L. Hackworth – drug charges

Macie D. Hayes – driving while revoked

Laurine K. Litchfield – possession of controlled substance

James P. Mitchell – DWI

Susan D. Roberson – Platte County hold

July 8

Steven L. Woolsey – 12-hour commitment

Amanda D. Smith – 48-hour commitment

July 10

Neilson N. Neal – receiving stolen property 

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