The Houston Police Department arrested a naked Dooley Street woman who they say was causing a neighborhood disturbance. 

Houston police issued citations for failure to obey and resisting arrest to Alisha R. Cook, 35, of 821 Dooley St. in Houston, following a pair of responses by police.

At about 9:10 p.m. June 27, two officers responded to Cook’s residence regarding a report that a naked woman had exited the house and begun yelling and threatening a person at the Masonic Lodge across the street. Upon arrival, the officer observed a crowd of people gathered and Cook standing nude in her doorway.

The officers had responded a few hours earlier and found Cook outside topless, yelling and beating on her house. At that time, she was warned to not come back outside without clothes on or bother anyone, or she could be cited for failure to obey.

After the second incident, Cook was arrested and told to get dressed and was then taken to the Texas County Jail. She reportedly insisted on being released, and threatened to get loose from handcuffs that secured her to a bench inside the jail, according to a report.

Police said Cook did in fact slip her hand out of the cuffs and walked toward the exit door, before being caught and put in a padded cell. She was incarcerated for a 12-hour hold period.

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