2016 Election

About 30 percent of Texas County voters elected party nominees Tuesday with winners advancing to the General Election in November.


The only contested race on the county ballot was for the Republican nomination for Texas County commissioner, District 1. John Casey, the incumbent, easily coasted to the nomination over Samuel L. “Sam” Kelley, 1,378-802. Casey will face Scott McKinney, who was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

The only ballot issue was a bond measure in the Summersville School District, which was narrowly defeated in April. In Texas County balloting, the measure lost 222-219.

Tuesday’s election sets the table for several contested races in November:

•State representative: Rep. Robert Ross, R-Yukon, will be opposed by Democrat  Bobby Johnston Jr. of Raymondville.

•County Clerk Kris Neal, a Houston Democrat, is opposed by Laura Crowley, a Houston Republican.

•Coroner Thomas C. Whittaker of Cabool, a Democrat, will be challenged by Republican Marie Lasater of Licking.

Re-elected without opposition and no opponent in November were Recorder of Deeds Lindsay Koch, Sheriff James Sigman, Assessor Debbie James, Public Administrator Connie Thompson, Surveyor Charles “Chuck” Manier, Sen. Mike Cunningham, Collector-Treasurer Tammy Cantrell and Circuit Judge John Beger. Doyle Heiney of Summersville, a Republican, ran unopposed for the District 2 county commissioner’s seat. He faces no challenger in November. Linda Garrett, a Republican, did not seek re-election.

Tuesday’s election results set the stage for several statewide races in November. U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, will face Democrat Jason Kander, the secretary of state. Both easily won their party’s nomination.


In Texas County voting, Republicans selected Eric Greitens as their pick for governor. The result mirrored results statewide. The vote: Catherine Hanaway, 422; Greitens, 1,759; John Brunner, 1,166; and Peter Kinder, 654.

Republican races: Mike Parson won over Bev Randles, 2,124-1,634, in the lieutenant governor’s race. John “Jay” Ashcroft took the secretary of state’s race over Will Kraus, 2,248-1,469. Josh Hawley easily won over Kurt Schaefer, 2,287-1,504.  In early tabulations, Texas County’s victors were the same across the state. U.S. Rep. Jason Smith easily won his party’s blessing. He’ll face Dave Cowell, the Democrat, in the fall.


Democratic races: Attorney General Chris Koster easily won his bid to become governor. Russ Carnahan won in the lieutenant governor’s race. Judy Baker won over Pat Contreras for the state treasurer’s nomination, 366-203.  Robin Smith easily won the secretary of state’s race. 

Greitens total updated by county clerk’s office on Wednesday morning.


Here are the unofficial tallies from Tuesday’s voting in Texas County.

Final unofficial results

The only contested local race on the ballot is for the Republican nomination for county commissioner, District. No. 1:

John Casey 1,378

Samuel L. “Sam” Kelley 802


Republican Ticket – Contested Races

U.S. Senator

Roy Blunt 2,781

Kristi Nichols 806

Bernie Mowinski 97

Ryan D. Luethy 180


Catherine Hanaway 422

Eric Greitens 1,759

John Brunner 1,166

Peter D. Kinder 654

Lt. Governor

Arnie C. – AC DIENOFF 147

Bev Randles 1,634

Mike Parson 2,124

Secretary of State

Will Kraus 1.469

John “Jay” Ashcroft 2,248

Roi Chinn 134

Attorney General

Josh Hawley 2,287

Kurt Schaefer 1,504

8th District U.S. Representative

Todd Mahn 276

Phillip S. Smith 192

Jason Smith 2,943

Hal Brown 452


Democratic Ticket – Contested Races

U.S. Senator

Chief Wana Dubie 54

Cori Rush 47

Jason Kander 474

Robert Mack 31


Leonard Joseph Steinman II 26

Chris Koster 480

Eric Morrison 74

Charles B. Wheeler 29

Lt. Governor

Winston Apple 58

Russ Carnahan 482

Tommie Pierson Jr. 58

Secretary of State

Bill Clinton Young 136

Robin Smith 426

MD Rabbi Alam 25

State Treasurer

Pat Contreras 203

Judy Baker 366

Attorney General

Jake Zimmerman 309

Teresa Hensley 284


Summersville School District Bond Issue – Texas Co. only

Yes 219

No 222

Party winners will face each other in the General Election on Nov. 8.

PDF: Precinct-by-precinct counts from Texas County

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