The Houston Rural Fire Department were called twice Sunday to a house fire at Solo. 

Firefighters with the Houston Rural Fire Department responded in full force twice Sunday to an unoccupied house on Highway UU that was eventually destroyed by fire.

Houston Rural Fire Chief Don Gaston said four trucks and 11 men went to the scene at about 1:15 and put the blaze out with the structure still largely intact. Gaston said a second call came in at about 7:50 p.m. after the blaze somehow rekindled, and the same number of trucks and personnel returned to the scene.

But by the time they got there, the fire had engulfed the house. Gaston said the blaze was again snuffed, but had already all but destroyed the single-story residence.

Gaston said the fire apparently originated at a breaker box inside the house, which was a rental property owned by Houston businessman Steve Drake.

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