Texas County deputies recently handled several investigations. 

The following are excerpts from reports generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

A 50-year-old Raymondville man reported on Aug. 20 that a canoe valued at $750 and several other items had been stolen from his Amburn Road residence. The man told an investigating officer a gate to the property had sustained $250 worth of damage after being hit by a vehicle.

There are no suspects.

•A 25-year-old Licking man reported on Aug. 18 that someone drive through a fence at his Highway 32 property on Aug. 13.

The man told an investigating officer that he found out after a few days that a 17-year-old Licking man had been the driver, and he had agreed to repair the damaged fence. But the property owner said the repairs weren’t done properly, and that the suspect had ceased making repairs. He said he wanted to file property damage charges.

Investigation continues.

•At about 8 a.m. Aug. 17, deputies went to three locations in the county to pull up marijuana plants. At a property on Highway M, 116 plants were pulled, while eight more were pulled at another property on the same roadway. At a location off of Highway MM, 499 plants were pulled. The total number of plants pulled was 623.

•A woman called Aug. 2 to report that her 25-year-old friend – a Plato woman –  was on her way to Texas County Memorial Hospital after being beaten with a crowbar by a 25-year-old Lynchburg woman during an incident at Roby Lake. An investigating officer made contact with the victim, who stated she had gone to Roby Lake with her two children because her husband wanted to see the kids.

The victim told the officer the woman who beat her was her husband’s friend. She stated she went to a friend’s house to ask for a ride to the hospital. The victim is pregnant.

Investigation of the case continues.

•A deputy was dispatched at about 2 a.m. Aug. 9 regarding a report of a man yelling at a Fisher Drive residence at Houston.

The officer was unable to locate anyone yelling or needing help, but did make contact with a man there who said he hadn’t been yelling and didn’t know why someone had called the sheriff’s department. A routine computer check revealed that the man had an active West Plains warrant.

Daniel L. Roberts, 40, of 8227 Fisher Drive in Houston, was arrested and taken to jail to await extradition to West Plains.

•A Missouri Department of Transportation representative reported on Aug. 16 that numerous tools with a value of $1,251.95 were stolen from a MoDOT truck while it was in for repairs at Wehr Ford at Mountain Grove. The representative stated the truck was dropped on Aug. 11 and picked up Aug. 15.

There are no suspects.

•A 35-year-old Houston woman came to the TCSD office Aug. 16 and reported that a pair of 5-foot KMX speakers had been stolen from her Mineral Drive residence and that someone had destroyed the home while she was staying with her mother for about a month.

An investigating officer was unable to validate the woman’s claims. The officer did speak with a man named by the woman as a possible suspect, but he stated he knew nothing about the case and that the woman had likely stolen the speakers herself. Investigation of the case continues.

Texas County Jail admissions

Aug. 15

Brandon S. Breedon – possession of controlled substance

Patrick L. Vaughan – 48-hour commitment

Amanda D. Smith – 24-hour commitment

Kerri L. Von Hoton – drug charges

Donald A. Newell – writ

Amber R. Brim – passing bad checks

Nadatha S. Walker – drug charges

James A. Chitwood – 24-hour shock

Roger C. Blanks – domestic assault

Aug. 16

Thomas A. MacKean Jr. – Camden County hold

Amber D. Benson – driving while suspended

Deann M. Morris – drug charges

Aug. 17

Summer D. Cain – assault

Joseph L. Hamby – DWI, driving while suspended

Aug. 18

Jonathan D. Southworth – sodomy

James R. Brittain – bond revocation

Aug. 19

Jamie E. Lane – Crawford County hold

Llonda R. Jones – possession of controlled substance, drug paraphernalia

Jonathan D. Southworth – possession of controlled substance, drug paraphernalia

Joseph A. Kaplan – 48-hour commitment

Aug. 20

Jacob R. Witten – Mountain View PD hold

Bethanie L. Bilderback – possession of controlled substance in jail

Daniel M. Doughty – possession of marijuana

Matthew J. Ramsey – possession of marijuana, possession of controlled substance

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