Members of the Houston City Council met on Monday night.

Property taxes would decrease slightly following action taken Monday by the Houston City Council.

The figure is .3202 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. Last year’s figure was .3215 cents. The city has no debt service levy.

The assessed valuation of real estate in the city totaled about $21.3 million. That’s up about $600,000 from last year. Personal property was pegged at $4.3 million, a slight decrease from 2015.

Final action on the levy is expected Sept. 6.

In other matters, members:

•Approved changes to a proposed airport hangar rental fee. A new draft of a proposed ordinance will be completed by city attorney Brad Eidson. The fee will be $20 per month after existing leases expire. After five years, an escalator of 10 percent kicks in.

•Approved a new ordinance that allows the Houston Police Department to use a system that will allow it to look at items sold at pawn shops. The service’s implementation is expected to occur soon. It will be used in theft investigations.

•Approved a $30 sponsorship for the Miss Texas County Scholarship Pageant.

•Heard that Licking’s Friend family has begun construction of another duplex at a development on Acorn off Oak Hill Drive.

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