The City of Houston's annual asphalt overlay program is underway. Revenue from a quarter-cent sales tax pays for the work. Several streets are targeted for work.

Asphalt work began Tuesday in the City of Houston, City Administrator Larry Sutton said.

Pace Construction of West Plains was awarded the contract at a cost of $73.10 per ton, which was down about $6 from 2015’s price.

Work is centered around a new apartment complex near Thomasville Road and Holder Drive. Crews are expected to move west and work for about two days. They’ll then return later to complete the balance of the work, Sutton said.

Work is slated this week on additional lanes on South U.S. 63, said Audie Pulliam, resident engineer in Willow Springs. MoDOT earlier said the project would begin in early September. There are some signs that the work is gearing up to start: Cones line a section of the right-of-way, utility lines are marked and a survey crew worked last week on marking the east side of the highway.

On Tuesday, Pulliam said a subcontractor is to arrive this week to do some erosion work. That will be followed by Pace doing some work on rumble strips Friday and the arrival of crews with the main contractor to follow. Work begins on the southern portion first.

So will the project be done before winters arrival? Pulliam said MoDOT was having those discussions with the contractor, who promises increased manpower for the job slated to end in November

A $1,777,245 contract was awarded to Chester Bross Construction Co. of Hannibal for the pavement improvements on U.S. 63 from Brushy Creek to Indian Creek in Texas County.  

The work includes five lanes from First Street to Sonic Drive-In and three lanes from Miller’s Grill to Sonic Drive-In.

Additional funding found later allowed for the third lane to be added from Sonic Drive-In south to Miller’s Grill that hadn’t been included in the original bid.

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