Electronic waste collection

Have electronic waste that needs recycling? An event is planned from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Oct. 1 at the Houston Storm Shelter at 191 N. First St.

The event is organized by the South Central Waste Management District and co-sponsored by Harkin Computer Recycling.

Here’s what you can recycle:

•Television sets — Consoles, CRTs, flat screens, plasma, portable. On CRT televisions, one per car is free; additional ones are $5.

•Computers, laptops, desktops — CRT monitors (one with a computer is free or one without a computer is free; any additional is $5. Printers, servers, power supplies, hard drives, computer cables, motherboards, toner and ink cartridges, keyboards, mouse, speakers, computer cases and other parts are accepted.

•Telephones, communication — Answering machines, cordless phones, cell phones, Blackberry and Pilot products, fax machines, dictation machines, recorders, radios and walkie-talkies are accepted.

•Electronics (CD players, VCRs, stereo components, DVD players, CD/DVD drives.

•Small appliances (toasters, blenders, can openers)

•Cameras — Still, digital or cartridge movie.

•Other items — Calculators, microwave ovens, medical monitoring devices.

To learn more, call Jerry North of the South Central Solid Waste Management District at 417-256-4226 or email jnorth@scocog.org.

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