Four Mountain Grove residents were charged for their roles in vandalizing Simmons Baptist Camp. 

Four people have been arrested and charged with vandalizing a church camp at Simmons, according to Texas County Sheriff James Sigman said. 

Charged with two counts of second-degree burglary, stealing and property damage are George Lamborn, 19; Carson A. Smith, 17; Gary Greenwood, 18; and David Corwin, 21, all of Mountain Grove. Greenwood also is charged with arson. 

Bond is set at $250,000 for Lamborn, Greenwood and Corwin. Smith’s bond is $200,000. 

Cleaning supplies in the kitchen at Baptist camp show the signs of vandalism on the property.

A deputy was dispatched Sept. 7 regarding a report of two young males causing damage at Texas County Baptist Association Camp. The officer made contact with a 63-year-old caretaker, who stated he had been working on the camp’s pool house when he saw items from the kitchen scattered on the ground outside the mess hall. The man told the officer he then saw two teens run from the area.

The man described one as being about 15 to 18 years old and having long blonde hair and being about 5-foot-8 with a medium build, and the other as being about 14 or 15 years old and having shorter darker hair and being about 5-4 with a medium build.

The investigating officer determined the suspects had broken air conditioning units, lights and fans in the bunkhouse, and observed lighter fluid and matches where they had attempted to burn fire-proof bunk mattresses. The officer also reported seeing a Bible that had been ripped in half and set on fire.

A Bible that authorities say vandals ripped and burned at Baptist camp.

Numerous photographs were taken of damage done by the suspects, and the officer reported that he had to wear a mask while taking pictures due to chemicals and items that had been strewn around. Investigation of the case continues.

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