A sample 4x8 inch brick to be used in the TCMH Healthcare Foundation brick paver project. 

Texas County Memorial Hospital Healthcare Foundation has kicked off a brick paver project at the hospital to raise additional funds for the surgery department. 

The personalized, engraved bricks will be installed by the main entrance of the hospital. Jay Gentry, foundation director, said the goal is to raise $20,000.

TCMH completed the outer shell of a new surgery department with funds raised through the “Care for Your Future” capital campaign.  Fundraising for the infill of the department is still underway.

The new 6,091 square foot surgery department will feature two operating rooms and one endoscopy suite.  Seven private pre-surgery and post-surgery bays will be available for patients and their family members in the new department. 

“TCMH is currently recruiting an additional full-time surgeon, and we believe the completion of this department is vital to recruiting the surgeon we need and retaining our surgeons and surgery staff in the future,” said Wes Murray, TCMH chief executive officer.

According to Gentry, there are four brick paver options available: a 4×8 inch brick with up to three lines of text and three types of 8×8 inch brick with six lines of text, with four lines of text and pre-selected clip art, or with a custom logo.  The bricks range from $100-350 –– a tax-deductible contribution to the foundation.

“Personalized pavers are a wonderful way to honor or remember someone in a lasting and meaningful way while supporting the foundation,” Gentry said.

Gentry suggested that the pavers be used to commemorate an anniversary, to celebrate an event, to remember a loved one or to recognize the birth of a child.

“We are also encouraging area businesses and organizations to participate in the paver project as way to promote their company or recognize members in the organization,” Gentry said.

The bricks will be installed in an island at the hospital’s main entrance. They will be installed twice annually throughout the program — in the fall and in the spring.

“Bricks will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis,” Gentry said.  “We hope to fill the designated area within the next year.”

The bricks are laser engraved with the message and/or art chosen by the donor. The initial installation can hold 648 4×8 inch pavers. 

Information and forms for purchasing a paver can be found at www.tcmhfoundation.org.  Paver forms are also available at the hospital’s front entrance desk or in the foundation office.

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