TASTC pet of the week

Introducing the ‪pet of the week from The Animal Shelter of Texas County: Mia.

Life is about losing and doing it gracefully as possible” – Mia Farrow.

Mia from TASTC has lost. Mia lost when her loving owner passed away.

Mia lost much of her vision in one eye.

But Mia gracefully will follow you from room to room like a lil’ puppy. Mia is extremely attentive and affectionate.

Mia is a mature 6year old, fully vaccinated and spayed. Mia knows how to mind her manners inside your home. Mya should not be allowed outdoors.

Mia can make you a great companion for the next 8-10 years or more.

Adoption fee is $125. Visit The Animal Shelter of Texas County at 6931 East Hwy. 17 in Houston or email texascountyanimals@hotmail.com. You can also visit the shelter’s Facebook page.

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