To the editor:

I respectively implore the voters of Texas County to retain Tom Whittaker as their county coroner. Tom is as qualified a person for the position, as you will find. I cannot think of a reason in the world why he should not be retained.

Tom’s background appeared in a profile in last week’s Herald.

When I served as Texas County prosecuting attorney and later as the Texas County associate circuit judge, Tom was often called upon to testify at various criminal cases. He was always well prepared, knowledgeable and articulate and could withstand any cross-examination.

There is an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t ix it.” That’s the case here. Tom has proved his mettle. He deserves your support. He should be retained as your Texas County coroner.

Very truly yours,


To the editor:

I would have expected Rep. Jason Smith to know that many families (if not most) receiving welfare benefits choose to do so so that their children will have healthcare.

If he truly wants to put people to work, he should not continue to prevent the expansion of Medicaid that would not only assist those families but also the doctors, hospitals and clinics that serve them.

These institutions have long been urging the State of Missouri to join the rest of the nation in this regard.

In addition, the expansion would create jobs!

It is very troubling to live where politicians boast of not providing healthcare to children.


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