The Houston Municipal Court met Oct. 18 before Judge Mike Anderson. All fines are in addition to $25.50 court costs.

Samantha D. Dennis: Failed to wear seat belt, $50.

Susan L. Dixon: Trespassing, $400.

Gina M. Dodson: Driving while revoked, $150.

Richard W. Hampton: Trespassing, $150.

Laramie Quentin Harris: Driving while suspended, $150.

Dillon J. Heilig: Stealing less than $500, fine $150.

Cody W. Ice Sr.: Driving while suspended, $150; failed to wear seat belt, $10; and failed to exhibit insurance identification card, $50.

Robert D. Koehler: Failed to register motor vehicle, $40.

Steven R. Parker: Trespassing, $150.

Curtis Dale Patterson: Operated motor vehicle with improper equipment, $150.

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