Winners in the HMS homecoming poster contest were, from left: Bella Bourgoin, Novey Goforth, Katie Chipps, Ellie Locke, Rhyse Holder, Emily Cross and Katie Edwards.



The national “Teach Ag” day was Sept. 2. In honor of the event, officers from the Houston FFA chapter wrote about how the program and teachers have helped them grow and develop their leadership skills.

Alyssa Hayes, chapter president: “Mr. (Josh) Roehrs not only taught me valuable knowledge about agriculture, but he also showed me how to be an effective leader. He cared for all of us inside and outside the classroom. I could always count on him for a good laugh as soon as I walked in the classroom. He was more than just an ag teacher to me.”

Taylor Chipps, chapter secretary: “FFA has helped me in everything I do. It has helped me become a better leader and speaker. I encourage students to consider joining FFA, because it not only helps you through school, but through life as well.”

Vanessa Kirkwood, chapter reporter: “Agriculture has always been a major part of my life. Throughout my FFA career I have been motivated by three different ag teachers. Before I was able to join FFA my dad was my first ag teacher, he pushed me to do what I wanted to do. When I joined FFA my first two years was spent under Mr. Josh Roehrs who encouraged me to always put my best foot forward and be the best I could be. This year, Mr. Scott Long is my ag adviser. He has pushed me to set the example because to be an effective leader you need to lead by example.”

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