Women in the TCTC RN program.

Texas County Technical College’s current RN students have found success with new learning strategies in the classroom. NCLEX-RN exam pass rates have improved as well as overall test scores and student satisfaction.

Learning strategies include lecture, videos, case studies, group work, class discussions, adaptive quizzing, clinical and more. Lacey Campbell, RN coordinator at TCTC, introduced the new learning methods to the classroom with the aim to create a highly interactive atmosphere.

“Since our Accelerated LPN to RN students are already nurses, they know the basics,” Campbell said. “Class discussions allow them to talk about real life situations from the workplace and how each nurse dealt with them. We can see their critical thinking process with past experiences as we introduce new material.”

Beginning with the most recent May Accelerated LPN to RN graduates, TCTC has seen a 9-percent improvement in the NCLEX-RN pass rate. The nursing staff at TCTC is very pleased with the improvement in results and plans to continue to ensure students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

All RN core nursing classes’ instructors are now using the new learning strategies. They have been so successful that the college staff is introducing the new methods in the LPN program as well.

Adaptive quizzing is a new student and teacher favorite. Since it has been added to the curriculum, students have been better able to address their weaker skill areas. Adaptive quizzing questions change based on the weak areas of the student and reinforces those questions over and over again. Students like it because it is a more mobile approach as well. They can take the quizzes on a smartphone during break; they can do them at home, work or wherever needed. Students said they like the non-overwhelming extra practice when studying for larger tests.

The current RN program graduates in April 2017, and the school is currently accepting applications for the May 2017 Accelerated LPN to RN program. Applicants must be licensed practical nurses to apply.

The admissions staff at TCTC recommends applying as early as possible. Two prerequisite courses, composition and introduction to psychology, and one general education course for the program may be available beginning in January 2017. This allows new nursing students the opportunity to get one of the general courses out of the way so they can lighten the course load for future semesters when the core nursing classes are in progress.

To apply, students may drop by TCTC’s campus at 6915 S. U.S. 63 in Houston or call 417-967-5466.

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