Both weapons that murder suspect Daniel Campbell allegedly had with him last week have been found, including the pistol authorities believe was used to shoot two men, one fatally.

Texas County Sheriff James Sigman said a Smith and Wesson .38 caliber pistol was located by a canine search team out of St. Louis Wednesday afternoon in a wooded area off of Paddy Creek Road. Sigman said an “article dog” alerted on the weapon around 12:50 p.m. — a short time after the search began.

“We believe it’s the murder weapon,” Sigman said. “We were sure the gun was in the area. They recovered it in less than 10 minutes.”

Two deputies accompanied the canine team, which brought two dogs. The pistol was found about three miles from Faith and Hope Church, where Campbell was apprehended, and close to where the truck was found that he allegedly used to flee the murder scene on Boiling Springs Road.

“The dog located it, and what an officer told me was that he could see a little bit of the wooden handle under the leaves,” Sigman said.

As investigation of the case continued, information was received and a search warrant was executed just after 8 p.m. Thursday at a Paddy Creek Road residence. A 9-millimeter High Point rifle believed to belong to Campbell was found inside the home.

“We knew he had another weapon with him, and we recovered it, too,” Sigman said.

Sigman said charges are expected this week against the man whose residence the rifle was found in.

“We arrested an individual last night (Thursday),” Sigman said. “He was released, but we obtained good information from him.”

Sigman said Campbell has made statements that admit some guilt in the case, but hasn’t made a complete confession.

“It’s strange,” Sigman said, “but I feel we have a strong case here. This has been a long week and a half, but we think we’ve just about got it wrapped up.

“We’re all ready to get this over with.”

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