My name is Marie Lasater, and I am running for Texas County Coroner. I live in Licking with my husband Brad North. We are member of Freewill Baptist Church in Licking. I’m a Master’s prepared Registered nurse, attending undergraduate studies at Vanderbilt in Nashville and obtained my master’s degree at the Medical University of South Carolina.

The desire to run for coroner was placed on my heart many years ago, and I have spent the past several years acquiring the required training to hit the ground running.

I obtained my basic medico-legal death investigation certification at a week long course hosted by the Clark County Coroner’s office in Nevada. Last year, I attended week long training with the St. Louis County Coroners office, and also have post-graduate credits from St. Louis University in Forensics. I have over 50 POST credits directly related to medicolegal death investigation. Forensic science continues to evolve, and I will continue to become educated on the latest technical advances. I am particularly interested in the forensic analysis of bones.

As a registered nurse practicing for over 37 years, mainly in critical care, including Gorgas Army Hospital during the Noriega regime, I have worked with many grieving families at the time of their loved ones death. This is the toughest time in anyone’s life, and my goal is to provide support and education to families.

I am currently the Director of Region G Medical Reserve Corp, and I also serve on the Texas County Health Board.

In order to be available on a 24/7 basis, I left my recent clinical position at Salem Hospital to ensure I can respond to calls any time of the day or night.

When I am Coroner, I will update our equipment and procedures in order to seek national certification for the Texas County Coroner’s office. I will also procure equipment grants for the coroner’s department without relying on the county budget.

I am proficient at writing accurate and timely reports. My advanced medicolegal death investigation training stressed cooperation with other agencies, especially law enforcement, and I am aware how the work of the coroner impacts their investigations.

I am asking for your vote on Nov. 8th. I will use my energy, training, and fiscal responsibility to serve the citizens of Texas County. You can email me at Thank you and God Bless.

–Marie Lasater

This is one in a series of profiles of local candidates on the Nov. 8 General Election ballot.

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