Paint you front door with wild color.

Transition your interior décor when temperatures drop — it’s a great time to tap into your creativity and make a statement. Here are some ideas — big and small — to freshen up your home this season.


When the weather is cool, think rich colors like plum, navy and amber. Bringing in a unique color palette will inspire you to make other changes as well, from painting a fireplace to adding an accent wall to incorporating a tile backsplash.


Make your home cozier by installing a soft, but durable carpet. Just remember to consider your household dynamics when making a selection.

“People with pets or children will want to keep in mind that spills and stains can be a common occurrence and select a family-friendly carpet,” says Jennifer Bertrand, Designer for Flooring America and Flooring Canada.

Make life easier with material designed to release pet hair and reduce pet stains. For example, the Stainmaster PetProtect Carpet and Cushion system is designed with pets in mind and is extremely durable to withstand the activity of a busy family with pets. More information can be found at


Have fun turning vintage wool blankets into pillows. Or if you just want to purchase items, seek out plaid patterns or materials that are full of textures and heavier weights.

If you have pets, be wary of knit pillows, as animal hair can get stuck in the material. Look for tight weave fabric to fit into your lifestyle.


Update your framed photos around the house. If you have children, let them get creative and contribute to the overall design. Give them the phone or tablet and let them capture what the season means to them: nature, family, friends or whatever!


Change your front door color. Have fun with colors like spice amber, plum, navy, black or whatever color makes your heart happy.

Or paint a piece of furniture with a lacquer paint to add a high sheen and a fun splash of color.

Cooler weather means cozier interiors. Take steps to change your décor to suit the changing weather.



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