Houston resident Chris Weaver waits for his ballot to vote Tuesday morning.

Results from the Nov. 8 General Election in Texas County

Unofficial Texas County election returns – polls closed.

(All precincts reporting)

U.S. President

Clinton-Kaine (D) 1,728

Trump-Pence (R) 8,875

U.S. Senate

Jason Kander (D) 2,829

Roy Blunt (R) 7,619


Chris Koster (D) 2,918

Eric Greitens (R) 7,659

Lt. Governor

Russ Carnahan (D) 2,417

Mike Parson (R) 8,023

Secretary of State

Robin Smith (D) 2,075

Jay Ashcroft (R) 8,369

State Treasurer 

Judy Baker (D) 2,095

Eric Schmitt (R) 8,352

Attorney General

Teresa Hensley (D) 2,522

Josh Hawley (R) 8,276

U.S. Congress

Dave Cowell (D) 1,696

Jason Smith (R) 8,826

State Representative

Bobby Johnston (D) 1,894

Robert Ross (R) 8,786

County Commissioner – 1

Scott McKinney (D) 2,194

John Casey (R) 3,743

County Clerk

Kris Neal (D) 3,545

Laura Crowley (R) 7,160

County Coroner 

Tom Whittaker (D) 4,874

Marie Lasater (R) 5,778


Parks-Soils Tax

Yes 7,141

No 3,501

Campaign finance limits

Yes 6,943

No 3,598

Cigarette taxes (Amendment 3)

Yes 3,086

No 7,605

Sales taxes on services

Yes 6,643

No 3,801

Voter I.D.

Yes 7,314

No 3,219

Cigarette taxes (Proposition A)

Yes 3,399

No 7,211

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