Daniel Campbell is returned to his cell Tuesday morning at the Texas County Jail.

Monday’s escape is the first time that someone has bolted from custody at the Texas County Jail since it opened in 2010. Here’s a look back at escapes in the last almost four decades. The previous incidents occurred at the Main Street jail:

November 1981 – Kenny W. Ray, 25, of Bourbon, escapes through a ceiling and skylight. Freedom is short — one hour.

August 1987 — Two are captured in the Boiling Springs area after a six-day manhunt to find Darren J. Daniels, 23; and Max D. Miller, 28. They overpowered a jailer with a gun that had been fished from an evidence room.

December 1990 — A jail trusty walks away on Christmas Day. Steven L. Strong, 31, was arrested a short time later.

January 1994 — Ted “Ed” Weeks, 51, jail trusty, walks away while dumping the trash. He’s later arrested at Hoxie, Ark.

April 1998 — Curt J. Ragsdale, 19; and Jeffery Childers, 32, assaulted an officer with a hammer and escaped. Three days later they are arrested in Georgia.

Nov. 14, 2016 — Accused murderer Daniel Campbell walked out a Texas County Jail door and through an open sally port to escape. He was captured the next morning near Roby.

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