Monday’s escape is the first time that someone has bolted from custody at the Texas County Jail since it opened in 2010. Here’s a look back at escapes in the last almost four decades. The previous incidents occurred at the Main Street jail:

November 1981 — Kenny W. Ray, 25, of Bourbon, escapes through a ceiling and skylight. Freedom is short — one hour.

August 1987— Two are captured in the Boiling Springs area after a six-day manhunt to find Darren J. Daniels, 23; and Max D. Miller, 28. They overpowered a jailer with a gun that had been fished from an evidence room.

December 1990— A jail trusty walks away on Christmas Day. Steven L. Strong, 31, was arrested a short time later.

January 1994— Ted “Ed” Weeks, 51, jail trusty, walks away while dumping the trash. He’s later arrested at Hoxie, Ark.

April 1998— Curt J. Ragsdale, 19; and Jeffery Childers, 32, assaulted an officer with a hammer and escaped. Three days later they are arrested in Georgia.

Nov. 14, 2016— Accused murderer Daniel Campbell walked out a Texas County Jail door and through an open sally port to escape. He was captured the next morning near Roby.

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