Leonard Morris Giles — Count one: Failure to register motor vehicle; $30.50 fine plus court costs. Count two: Operating commercial motor vehicle without seatbelt; $30.50 fine plus court costs.

James David Roberts — Two counts: Operated motor carrier on tires fabric exposed/inferior load rate/groove depth/flat; $80.50 fine on each count plus court costs.

Robert J. Terry — Pursue/take/kill/possess or dispose of wildlife: $149.50 fine plus court costs.

Jennifer Anne Teuscher — Driver failed to secure child less than 8 years old in child restraint: $20.50 fine plus court costs.

Richard J. McNerny — Failed to wear protective, approved headgear when on motorcycle in motion: $25 fine plus court costs.

Jessie Lee Reeves — Length of semi trailer with load exceeded 53 feet on interstate or designed highway plus 10 air miles: $80.50 fine plus court costs.

Christopher Ray Romines — Operating motor vehicle with vision-reducing material applied to windshield/excess vision-reducing material applied to side window: $30.50 fine plus court costs.

Christopher Matthew Sanders — Failed to display plates on motor vehicle/trailer: $30.50 fine plus court costs.

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