Murder suspect Daniel Campbell is escorted Friday night to the Texas County Jail by Sgt. Travis Davis of the Texas County Sheriff's Department. At the left is jailer A.J. Castleman.

A Licking man is accused of assisting murder suspect Daniel Campbell.

Robert Lane, 37, was arraigned Monday morning inside the Texas County Justice Center on charges of hindering prosecution. He also faces two felony drug charges. He is held without bond.

According to a probable cause statement, authorities found the getaway vehicle Campbell used after he allegedly killed one man and critically injured another on Lane’s Paddy Creek Road property. They also located a duffle bag of Campbell’s clothing inside the home as well as an alleged note from Campbell to Lane. The note, which had instructions to burn it, stated Campbell was going to Montana.

Authorities said they first contacted Lane shortly after the shootings Tuesday night on Boiling Springs Road. Campbell resided at Lane’s residence, according to the probable cause statement. Lane told officers he had not seen Campbell, but that Campbell had stolen one of his cars. He also said that none of his weapons were missing.

Lane’s car was located on Paddy Chapel Road – about two miles from his residence – later that night.

Last Thursday, a Missouri State Highway Patrol helicopter found the Ford Ranger that Campbell had stolen and fled in from the shooting scene 200-300 yards behind Lane’s residence. The only entrance to the field was through a gate on the property, authorities said.

After Lane consented to a search of his residence, authorities said they found the note and duffel bag of clothes during the search.

Lane also admitted at that time that he was missing a .38 caliber revolver.

A K-9 team tracked Campbell’s scent from Lane’s vehicle that was found Tuesday night to Lane’s home.

While arresting Lane, authorities said they discovered three empty plastic baggies, a metal smoking device and large plastic baggie of a crystal-like substance in Lane’s front pocket. It field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Campbell was also arraigned Monday morning and held without bond.

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