To the editor:

On Nov. 18, the Patriot Guard escorted the remains of Cpl. Donald E. Matney, MIA Korea, from Rolla to Seymour. We went though several towns along the way. Most people showed proper respect, pulling over to the shoulder as we approached.

In Licking we saw people standing along the road with flags to show respect; in Cabool a large crowd. In Mountain Grove, Norwood and Macomb people on overpasses. In Seymour, people lining the road from U.S. 60 to show respect all the way to the funeral home. Several TV stations were on hand. Thank you to all those people who took the time to show respect to this American hero, who paid the ultimate price and is being laid to rest after 66 years on foreign soil.

Imagine my disappointment at three Intercounty Electric vehicles, and only one, a large truck pulling a trailer with a track vehicle, that bothered to pull over to show respect. When we entered Houston, we saw very few citizens standing with a flag. Thank you to the construction workers, however, who all stood at respect with their hats removed. Here’s a clue for you, if you see an approaching law enforcement officer leading a group of motorcycles with flags, it is most likely a military funeral with honor guard. If you enjoy the freedoms that you have, take a couple of minutes out of your day, pull to the side of the road and show proper respect for those who have served to protect our way of life.


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