“Remember the scriptures” were the inaudible words that flew through my mind. I had just offered a prayer of concern for a family member and the difficult health issues they were facing. It is so easy to give in to scary thoughts because when life is beyond our control, we think the worst first – like always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It may be because we still can’t grasp the concept that God is in relationship with us. He’s always there for us whatever the outcome.

I found scriptures that assured me of his ongoing care, hearing our cries for help and some that counsel us to bear our physical infirmities as our part of glorifying God.

When I searched for the scriptures about “remembering,” I was amazed to find the vast number that I found. Also, there are a number of references about us needing to be reminded of all the ways God has proven to us that he’s always there for us. If we had letters personally addressed to us from our earthly father telling us all the reasons he believes how good life is when we trust God, we may see that as having greater credibility than our heavenly Father telling us in 66 books of Scripture. We greatly underrate the personal connection we can have to God. Most think that they are just another person among the billions who live on this earth. “How could God know me?” we ask ourselves. Or, we limit God to religion rather than what he actually is – the air we breathe and the very soul of our existence. I have testified in Sweetwater Journey before about my testimony of how I discovered that God knew me. I had been administered to one day by my uncle who was a member of our church priesthood and when I talked to him later about it, he told me that there were angels present in the room. It was then that I went through a born-again experience where my eyes were spiritually opened that has never faded but only has grown since that day. It all began because I discovered that God was aware of my existence. I then realized all the times prior, he had literally saved my life and had blessed me in the ways that he had.

I had been raised to know about God and how he sent his Son, Jesus, to provide us the way back to him by dying and coming back to life for us, but until I knew that I had a personal connection to him and that he was aware of me, I didn’t really believe. As I read the Gospels, the knowledge of the living Christ and how He teaches us what we need to know about God, is beyond our comprehension of what love really is. And now to know that Jesus who is wholly accessible, walks among us today, living and continuing to bless our lives and be our Advocate before God, the Father, is just amazing and assuring beyond words.

The following reference is an excellent case in point for remembering. Simon Peter denied knowing Jesus when asked, not once, but three times before the cock crowed as Jesus predicted because of his fear of association with Him. In this reference which follows the ascension of Jesus, Peter is reminding the followers that they need to remember everything that Jesus had done for them and said to them while He was alive so that their testimony would always be true and sustaining for all the difficult times ahead. He told them that remembering would also spiritually transform them with Christ-like attributes needed for His work.

Who, but Peter, would be the best advocate for remembering.

You can read “Remember” in its entirety on the Houston Herald website. Also check out sweetwaterjourney.com.

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