Extra precautions are in place at the Houston School District as the search for an accused killer continued Tuesday.

Security precautions are again in place at Houston Schools as lawmen search for murder suspect Daniel Campbell, who escaped Monday evening from the Texas County Jail.

Dr. Allen Moss, superintendent, said many of the same safety measures the district took Oct. 26 and 27 during the first manhunt for Campbell will be used until he is apprehended. Among them are no outdoor recesses for elementary students, no outdoor lunches for high school students and extra personnel monitoring students moving between classes.

Moss said he has communicated several times with Houston Police Chief Tim Ceplina and received updates as they were available. He also said police have been more visible around the district.

“They have been making more passes than usual by the campus,” Moss said.

The district began making safety moves Monday night after learning Campbell escaped through a back door at the jail, which is near the campus. Moss said a Houston police officer was present when the middle school girls’ basketball team returned from Mountain Grove. He also said athletic director Brent Hall monitored the doors as the high school girls’ basketball team practiced inside Hiett Gymnasium and accompanied players to their vehicles afterwards. HHS principal Amy Smith and her husband, Jeremy, were present when members of the high school Scholar Bowl team returned from the road as well.

At 9:14 a.m. Tuesday, Houston elementary principal Jody Jarrett sent an email to parents and guardians of students to inform them of the situation.

“Due to circumstances that occurred last night, Houston Elementary School will take precautions to ensure all students are safe as we go about our business today,” Jarrett wrote. “Students will remain in the building and not go outside for recess.”

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