The charred remains of a pickup sit next to a house on U.S. 63 at Simmons where a garage sustained major damage in a fire Wednesday night.

Thanks to the efforts of firefighters from two Texas County departments, a house on U.S. 63 at Simmons is largely intact following a fire Wednesday night.

Personnel from Houston Rural and Cabool responded just after 5 p.m. regarding a blaze at a home on U.S. 63 about a half-mile south of Highway Z. Houston Rural Chief Don Gaston said three trucks and 10 men from his department went to the scene, along with a tanker, pumper from and nine men from Cabool.

Gaston said when they arrived, they found a large fire blazing in the garage area at the north end of the single-story structure.

“We saved a lot of the house,” he said. “There was damage to the utility room and some of the north end of the house, but the rest of it was OK. When we topped the hill there at Simmons, there was a huge plume in the sky.

“It looked like the world was on fire.”

Gaston said the fire appeared to have been ignited by an electrical short in a newer model pickup parked in the garage. Nobody was injured.

“We had a lot of good help,” Gaston said. “Cabool has a good department. When you have that kind of help, you can do things you don’t normally get to do. You can have guys fighting both inside and outside. A lot of times we have to sacrifice both ways.”

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