Texas County sheriff James Sigman takes notes at the scene of a shooting investigation on Tiffany Drive off Highway E during April 2016. 

An April shooting that killed a Houston man is being labeled a justified “act of self defense.”

Texas County Sheriff James Sigman said following a lengthy investigation, his department determined charges would not be filed against the unnamed shooter. Eddie Day, 25, was killed in the April 8 incident at Tiffany Drive off Highway E north of Houston.

Sigman said the investigation eventually led to the conclusion that the man who pulled the gun’s trigger was lawfully defending himself.

“After an extensive investigation through my office of reviewing physical evidence, lab results and eyewitness accounts this shooting at this time has been deemed an act of self defense,” Sigman said.

Texas County prosecuting attorney Parke Stevens Jr. said he did not receive a probable cause statement regarding the case, because the shooting was not deemed criminal.

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