For more than 10 years, students at Missouri State University-West Plains have scored above the national average in all categories of the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) examination, university officials announced.

Results of the test, which is administered nationwide to graduates of two-year degree programs, were recently released for 2016 graduates and show MSU-WP students scored above the national mean score in all five categories of the examination.

Those categories include writing skills, mathematics, reading, critical thinking and science reasoning. Graduates have scored at or above the national average in all five subject areas for 21 consecutive years.

“We do not apologize for the rigor of our academic programs. In fact, we are very proud of what we teach and how we teach it,” said Missouri State-West Plains Chancellor Drew Bennett.

Results of the testing show MSU-WP students posted a 63.1 mean score in writing compared to the national average of 61. In math, their mean score was 57.0 compared to the national mean of 56.1. In reading, students had a 62.2 mean score compared to the national average of 59.9, and in critical thinking, they posted a 62.8 mean score compared to 60.5 nationally. In science, students posted a 60.3 mean score compared to 59.1 nationally.

“While we measure student learning in our courses each semester, the CAAP exam is one of three key ways of annually assessing how we are doing across the board in assisting our students in meeting our general education goals,” said Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Dennis Lancaster.

Area residents interested in learning more about the academic programs available at Missouri State-West Plains can call the admissions office at 417-255-7955 or visit the campus’ website at

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