Lifelong Texas County resident Doyle Heiney took over as District 2 commissioner on Jan. 1 after running unopposed last year.

New Texas County District 2 associate commissioner Doyle Heiney said he won’t rush into anything, but is already on the lookout for ways he can bring value to his position.

“I’ve only been in for a few days,” Heiney said, “so right now I’m just trying to get a feel for where any improvements can be made. That will take a little time to see.”

Heiney is a lifelong Texas County resident who lives in Summersville with his wife, Treena. He is a Summersville High School graduate and ran a cattle operation for many years with his brother, Harold. He also worked in the construction field and spent 30 years in weights and measures with the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Heiney, a Republican, is a long-time member of the Carroll Township board. He ran unopposed last year, and on Jan. 1 assumed the spot vacated by Linda Garrett, who retired after 16 years on the county commission.

“It really wasn’t in my plans,” Heiney said, “but when Linda decided she wasn’t going to run again I figured I had plenty of time to work for the people, so I decided to run.”

Keeping the county’s financial affairs “in good shape” is what Heiney sees as the one of the commission’s primary functions. He said he’s encouraged by some recent developments in the county’s employment realm, with expansions taking place at the Dairy Farmers of America plant in Cabool and Durham Co. plant in Houston, and new retail stores opening up in several locations.

“Hopefully, more jobs will come in,” Heiney said. “But I believe a bit of a boom has started here in Texas County. It looks like things are beginning to pick up and maybe the county’s tax revenue will increase kind of like I’ve seen around the state and around the country. That would allow us to do a little more for the county.”

Heiney said he likes the prospects of working with Presiding Commissioner Fred Stanger and district 1 associate commissioner John Casey.

“I’ve know them quite a while,” he said, “and I think they and Linda have all done a pretty good job with the county.”

To reach Heiney, call 417-932-4486. The Texas County Commission’s phone number is 417-967-3222.

“I plan on working for everyone,” Heiney said. “If there’s anything anybody needs, or if anyone thinks something can be done to improve the county, please give us a call.”

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