Off-Grid Living

Living off the grid can be different for different people, so to save argument I will start off by saying this is not solely my “idea” of off-grid living, per se, but should be understood to be the most basic, general idea of what living off the grid means.

A bit of background, me and my family have been living off the grid, 100-percent, here in the southern Missouri Ozarks for almost seven years. We have not only followed a traditional method of off grid living but have even went as far as keeping our living arrangement so basic that we have even lived without renewable energy sources or gravity fed water since 2010.

So what does living off the grid mean? Does it mean living in the woods, living in a tiny home, raising chickens and goats and gardening? Does it mean having solar panels or a wind turbine and harvesting your own energy? How about all of the above.

In a nutshell, living off the grid literally means living disconnected from the technological grids that run our modern world today. There are many other aspects of living off the grid that come into play when someone decides to disconnect from the grid. Because when you disconnect from all the technological grids, you have to become self-sufficient.

Things like refrigeration, staying cool in summer and warm in winter, cooking – those things need to be rethought. What about the simple task of using the bathroom? It becomes a chore once you disconnect from the water grid.

There are many who will argue with you and say something like, “no, living off the grid means this and that and you have to do this and change to that way.” The fact is, off-grid living means different things to different people, but there is no argument when you stick to the basic meaning.

Living disconnected to the technological grids; What are the benefits of such a way of life? Well, besides the obvious – no utility bills – you are free to make all the changes to your life you want. So why not grow your own food, raise animals, hunt, fish, trade for cleaner meat, wild forage food from your forest and reap the awesome benefits of great health!

While you’re at it, learn some survival skills. You never know when you will need to know how to stitch up a simple wound, treat a sinus infection or drink water you have to purify yourself.

People who live off the grid incorporate all the “extras” just because they have moved into a position of self-reliance and they want more. So, there are many answers to what off-grid living means, but that does not necessarily mean there is just one specific answer.

I think there might be one thing that all off-gridders agree on: Off-grid living is true freedom!

Texas County resident Merlyn Seeley (a.k.a. Spirit Walker) is a natural living expert, herbalist, Cherokee medicine man and author of numerous books. His blog address is Email him at

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