A Raymondville man faces felony drug possession charges after Texas County authorities allegedly found heroin inside his home.

According to a probable cause statement submitted to the county prosecutor by a sheriff’s department deputy, officers responded May 19 to a request for assistance by an ambulance crew at residence in Raymondville with regard to a possible drug overdose.

Upon arrival, the officers observed a man lying on the living room floor in “medical distress,” with a syringe and bent needle lying nearby. Authorities said that also located near the man were several capsules containing a substance that field tested positive for heroin.

During a more detailed search of the home, several more capsules were reportedly found in plain sight in a bowl on an island in the kitchen. In all, nine capsules were found, including three that appeared to have been opened and emptied out for use.

Also found, according to the statement, was a spoon bearing a white substance that appeared to have been heated by a lighter, and a small plastic bag containing some marijuana.

The man – John Bressler, 36, of 19705 McColgin Road at Raymondville – was transported to Texas County Memorial Hospital for treatment. He was later taken to jail and booked in on $400,000 bond.

The bond was later reduced to $5,000, and Bressler bonded out and was released. A hearing was held Wednesday (May 24) in Texas County courtroom and Bressler’s arraignment was waived and he pleaded not guilty.

A trial-setting hearing was set for June 20.

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