The weekend rains have resulted in massive flooding through the 33rd District and most of southern Missouri. It is important to remember the extreme danger floods present. Water will rise fast, be swift and unpredictable. Please avoid entering flooded areas.

Those who need emergency assistance should always dial 911.

 As the waters begin to recede the need for assistance will be great. Please reach out to theState Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) for assistance with grants, emergency response, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for federal assistance programs; American Red Cross for shelter information in the district; the treasurer’s office for short-term, emergency disaster relief and the Attorney General’s Office to prevent scam artists from taking advantage of those in need.


The following are resources to help through the floods and clean-up when the water recedes:

A Missouri-based small business and disaster relief program may also be beneficial in the coming days. The Harmed-area Emergency Loan Priority system (HELP) authorizes 24-hour approval of support for low-interest loans obtained through participating lenders. HELP is administered through the Missouri Linked Deposit Program.

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