In case you hadn't noticed

In case you hadn’t noticed, a little rain fell a couple of weeks ago.

If you did notice, then you know that was a pretty major event in terms of flooding. In the aftermath, some somewhat silly statistics have been circulated about the odds and potential frequency of such an event.

I’ve seen it called a “500-year flood” and even a “1,000-year flood” and that the odds are, like, a fraction of a percent that something similar will happen in a given year. Maybe so, but I’d say the frequency of big flooding events over the past several years is such that we need to refigure the guidelines for naming them.

I think a “100-year flood” needs to now be called a “3-year flood,” and so on.

Anyway, in all my discussions with people about that gigantic flooding event, one phrase keeps popping up: “I’ve never seen it so bad.”

Indeed. It’s hard to even imagine something like that happening until it does.

Then it’s just plain stunning.

In case you hadn’t heard or seen anything about it, there has been yet another report of dog hoarding in the area.

According to a report from the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Task Force, 55 dogs were rescued last Thursday from filthy, crowded living conditions in two homes on a property in Howell County. The majority were Chihuahua and terrier mixes, ranging in age from month-old puppies to mature dogs. Many had extremely overgrown toenails and eye and skin infections. Both homes were trash-strewn and dirty, with floors and furniture soaked with urine.

I don’t get it. What exactly is the up side to this kind of thing?

Nobody could ever explain that rationally.

On a brighter note, in case you weren’t aware, there are multiple choices for out-of-the-ordinary (and likely fun, informative and interesting) things to do this Saturday in Houston.

Of course, Houston High School will say farewell to its Class of 2017 with the annual graduation ceremony.

But meanwhile, the Lynch-Tweed Civil War Home Preservation Society will host a day-long event at Houston’s oldest standing building, that dates back to the late 1850s. There should be some neat sights, sounds and smells as things unfold, as people interested in that period of U.S. history put on demonstrations and presentations dressed in period-correct attire and equipped with period-correct gear.

They’re even planning a candlelight tour of the house in the evening, complete with skits and history-laden productions.

Across town at the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce Fairgrounds, American Legion Post 41 will host another day-long event that coincides with Armed Forces Day (which annually falls on the third Saturday in May). Again, fascinating sights, sounds and smells at the event should abound, and local veterans should get some well-deserved recognition.

Now, if only the weather forecast was better for Saturday.

Speaking of weather, I love spring days in the Ozarks (like we’ve had so many of lately) when the air is warm and humidity is low.

I was looking at the Weather Underground website the other day when the conditions were absolutely perfect and it said the temperature in Houston was 81 and the “feels like” temperature was 82.

That’s what I’m talking about; no “heat index” numbers to be concerned with (at least not yet).

Doug Davison is a writer, photographer and newsroom assistant for the Houston Herald. His columns are posted online at Email:

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