Local author and singer-songwriter Kimberly Faith holds a copy of her devotional book, "Essential Faith." 

Sometimes a musical career can blossom in unexpected places under unexpected circumstances – even to those involved.

Kimberly Lowe is an attorney who runs a busy law practice, managing her time to deal with clients in offices in both Houston and Waynesville. But in a twist of fate that not that long ago she didn’t see coming, she is also now a Christian music singer, songwriter and author with two albums, a single and a book to her credit under the name, Kimberly Faith. 

“The whole thing is kind of crazy,” Faith said. “I never had any aspirations to do this – it’s just something where God said, ‘you need to do this.’”

Music on Faith’s recordings albums, “Blessed Liberty” and “Freedom’s Dream,” and the recently released single, “Best Friend,” span a wide range of styles, including modern country, rock and roll, pop, folk, soul and even blues.

“I like a wide variety of music,” Faith said.  “The songs are all inspired by either situations or people I know.”

Faith’s recordings come to fruition with major help from Jacob Paul, owner of Inside Out Recording and Art Studio in Fayetteville, Ark. Not only is Paul an accomplished studio technician, he is also a talented musician capable of expertly playing numerous instruments, and he contributes guitar, keyboard, drums and even violin on Faith’s cuts.

“He’s amazing,” Faith said. “It got to where I would record a song with a melody and words, and I would tell him something like, ‘I want this to sound like a certain Hootie and the Blowfish song’ or something like that. Then he would arrange, write and record the music and send that to me. We would repeat that a few times and end up with some pretty surprising results.”

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Faith’s son Jon Lowe, and daughter, Grace Lowe also contribute on recordings. She said watching her songs take shape is an almost surreal experience.

“I find it fascinating,” Faith said. “I don’t even know how it’s happening. I’d say it’s very much a God thing.” 

Faith completed an astounding and now renowned renovation project on an old building in downtown Houston that now houses her attorney practice. She said she has no long-range plans for her musical endeavor, but will simply follow God’s lead to wherever it takes her. 

But if God does want her to take things up a notch or two, Faith isn’t concerned about being ready.

“If He wants me to do that, He’ll show me how to do it,” she said. “That won’t be a problem for Him.”

Faith’s book is titled “Essential Faith.” The idea of producing it stemmed from her sharing daily devotions with people close to her.

The cover of Kimberly Faith’s second album, “Blessed Liberty.”

“The goal is for people to be equipped to know God,” Lowe said. “I feel like when we find God, we find the best part of who we are. Why wouldn’t we want to share that with people?”

“Essential Faith” features illustrations by Houston Middle School students Lily Johnson and Katie Jo Chipps. Faith said she plans to have an audio version available in the future, and has already written a second book (to be published soon) and about half of a third.

“What that is is a miracle,” Faith said. “It’s all God. I’m not extraordinary; the key is that God can make any ordinary person do extraordinary things.”

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