Rep. Robert Ross presents a resolution to Misty Long, district clerk of Texas County Public Water Supply District 1, for wining a statewide water contest. Also pictured are representatives of the Missouri Rural Water Association, Randy Norden, executive director; Tom Hyatt, Great American Water Taste Test event coordinator; and David Waller, president.

Texas County Public Water Supply District 1 was recently recognized for winning a statewide taste test for drinking water.

Rep. Robert Ross and members of the Missouri House took time last Thursday to recognize Misty Long and other officials from the water district for winning the award.

The designation is given by the Missouri Rural Water Association, which conducts a statewide taste test each year to spotlight the importance of drinking water and to recognize the hard work of water districts to provide quality drinking water. Samples are submitted from around the state and are then narrowed down to five semi-finalists. A winner is then determined by a panel of judges from the Public Drinking Water Branch within the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development and the local government of Ashland.

Criteria for the winning water sample are clarity, bouquet and taste. Water must be free of visible particles, possess no objectionable odor and have a delectable taste. Judges use a 10-point scale to rank each of the finalists. After tallies are compared, the water sample with the highest, overall point spread is declared the winner.

“We have known for years that we have some of the best drinking water in the state right here in Texas County, but now we have it officially confirmed that it is better than all the rest,” said Ross, R-Yukon. “This is a testament to all the folks at PWSD 1 who work so hard to provide their customers with quality drinking water. I want to thank them for all they do, and congratulate them on this outstanding achievement.”

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