Flood waters from Brushy Creek flow uncontrolled over the City of Houston's commuter parking lot in late April. 

Local governments and nonprofit agencies in 46 Missouri counties affected by historic flooding — including Texas County — now have 13 more days to prepare their requests for federal assistance with repairs to public infrastructure and emergency response costs.

In response to a request from the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has extended the public assistance application deadline from July 1 to July 14. Through June 28, more than 190 county and local governments, school, sewer and road districts, and nonprofit agencies have filed requests for public assistance, a requirement to receive FEMA assistance. Potential applicants should note that the requests for public assistance must first be received by SEMA, processed, and then submitted to FEMA by the July 14 deadline, and plan accordingly.

SEMA conducted 13 federal applicant briefings from June 19-23 across the disaster area to explain the recently updated federal public assistance program and application process. Potential applicants with questions should call SEMA’s public assistance program at 573-526-9234 as soon as possible because there will not be another application extension. 

SEMA encourages public officials and community leaders to share information about the necessity of filing a request for public assistance in time to meet the July 14 deadline with all potential applicants to ensure they have the opportunity to submit a request.

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